Cooking Class

For Lula, cooking is a mission. She loves making others happy through food and teaching her secrets in the kitchen is the best way she knows to spread smiles.

Limited classes are waiting for you to prepare traditional Italian dishes (and more!) together, in a family environment where the main ingredient is cheerfulness.

These are just some of the courses you can choose from, in addition to those specifically requested by you:

• Home-made pasta
• Sunday Lunch
• Tiramisu Passion
• The Tasty Aperitif
• Authentic Neapolitan Cuisine
• Pizza galore
• The Great Vegetarian Menu
• Lasagna Mania
• Delicious Vegan
• Lots of Meatballs
• Great Italian Seafood Classics
• Sushi
• Traditional Italian Pastries
• Sideboard Sweets

- From 50€ per person - Minimum 2 hours


It is impossible not to notice when you are about to arrive at Villa Arzilla: the sky becomes clearer, the air cleaner, there is no concrete around you, no cars or people, but only trees, flowers, the countryside and their enchanting perfume.

In every moment of your stay, contact with nature, the breathtaking landscapes of Tuscia and the rediscovery of simple things are the most authentic way to experience emotions that you will carry in your heart. - Priceless -


The countryside is beautiful to see and extraordinary to experience.

A picnic with Lula's special menu is an experience designed for young and old, to experience carefree moments in contact with nature.

Have fun and relax, we'll take care of the rest.

- From €35 per person -


A 5-minute walk from Villa Arzilla there are hundreds of trees and plants where you can regenerate.

You can explore the forest on your own, even in the company of your four-legged friend. If you prefer guided tours, we can organise for you a walk with a botanical expert to learn how to recognise the wild herbs of Tuscia.

- From €40 per person -


For the more adventurous, a few steps away from Villa Arzilla, there is the mysterious and enchanting Corviano Natural Monument: a forest that hosts traces of the Iron Age, Etruscan constructions and Roman walls. A place where nature, history and archaeology blend together in perfect harmony.

As you stroll through the forest, you will come across evocative dwellings carved into the rock, perfectly preserved anthropomorphic tombs hidden by vegetation, and spectacular rocky overhangs where you can take photos of breathtaking views.

You can explore them on your own or you can choose to be accompanied by an archaeologist on a tour lasting about four hours.

- From €80 per person -


Are you in search of well-being? Do you want to reconnect with nature and the deepest part of you? Then you cannot miss our yoga classes. Breathe in and prepare yourself for a true journey of exploration within yourself, made up of emotions and sensations that only the tranquillity of our countryside can give you.

- From €80 per person -
- Advance booking required, at least 7 days prior to arrival -


At Villa Arzilla we love to pamper you. What could be more relaxing than a massage in the privacy of your room or in our beautiful garden, surrounded by the intoxicating scents of jasmine and linden? Each session is customised to suit your needs.

- From 100 € per person -
- Advance booking required, at least 7 days before arrival -


You don't really know a territory until you have tasted its wine. That is why we organise tours for you to discover the most prestigious wine cellars in the area. You won't have to think about anything, you'll just have to let yourself be inebriated by the smells and tastes of the wines of Tuscia.

- Advance booking required, at least 7 days before arrival –


Would you like to learn the art of ceramics and create small artefacts with your own hands? Then you can't miss this workshop! Choose the course you prefer:

• manipulation workshop for creating a mug or a small artefact

- 70€ per person –
- Duration 2 hours –

• manipulation and decoration workshop: two meetings of two hours each, one for modelling and the other for decorating the object

- 120€ per person –

- Duration 2 hours for each meeting –

- Costs include materials and baking –

- For groups of more than 10 people, booking at least 2 days in advance is required –


An amazing, fragrant tour of the beautiful Lavanda della Tuscia farm.

You will visit the lavender fields, learn about the process of extracting lavender essence, and try and purchase organic body and facial products.

The tour includes a visit to the farm, the lavender plantations, the workshop and the showroom.

You will be welcomed with a welcome drink and a lavender cake.

- 20€ per person –


A not-to-be-missed tour aboard electric bikes with pedal assistance, discovering a Tuscia you don't expect.

Let yourself be guided by the Tuscialove boys, Tuscia Bike Travel and their certified MTB guides along unexplored paths, enjoy the breathtaking landscapes of Tuscia in this unique experience of nature, sport, culture and food and wine, to experience emotions that will remain indelible in your heart.

These are just some of the itineraries designed for you:

• Via Francigena, Civita di Bagnoregio, Valle dei Calanchi
• Secrets and mysteries tour of Lake Bolsena
• Lake Valley Tour. Sport, nature and relaxation in vineyards and olive groves overlooking the lake
• Tour of the Cimini Mountains between archaeology and unexplored paths near Corviano

- From 80€ per person -

- Minimum 4 hours -

- Advance booking required -


Tuscia is an area waiting to be discovered, rich in villages, lakes, villas, parks, castles and Etruscan necropolises. We organise tours to the most beautiful and characteristic places in Tuscia for you.

These are just some of the places to visit:

• Vitorchiano the Suspended Village
• Civita di Bagnoregio
• The Monster Park of Bomarzo
• Villa Lante
• The historic centre of Viterbo
• Farnese Palace
• Necropolis of the Monterozzi of Tarquinia
• Tuscania
• Lake Vico
• Lake Bracciano
• Lake Bolsena

- From €80 per person -

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